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Add Our Drink of the Day to Your Site

If you would like to offer a Drink of the Day to your website visitors, then you may use our FREE Drink of the Day drink script.  Simply fill out the following form and press submit.  We will automatically generate the appropriate HTML code which you can insert onto your web page.  Please note that this script uses JavaScript in order to display our drink and JavaScript must be enabled on the users' computer in order for our drink to show up.

If you should have any questions about this service, please feel free to Contact Us.

Fill out the following form to customize the Drink of the Day for your site.  For any option you do not wish to configure, please leave it blank.

Note: Click Choose Color to Show a Color Chooser of Appropriate HTML Color Codes

Table Border Color: Choose Color
What color would you like for the table holding the Drink of the Day?
Table Border Size:
Enter the size (in pixels) for the table border.
Table Width:
Enter the width (in pixels) that you want the table to be. 
Table Background Color: Choose Color
What background color do you want for the table holding the drink of the day.
Drink Title Font Face:
Face (Type) of the drink's title.
Drink Title Font Size:
Font size of the drink's title.
Drink Title Font Color: Choose Color
What font color do you want for the drink's title.
Drink Font Face:
Face (Type) of the drink.
Drink Font Size:
Font size for the drink.
Drink Font Color: Choose Color
What font color do you want for the drink's text.


You may also start off with one of the following pre-selected colors:

You may need to adjust the width of the box to display it correctly on your site

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