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Joke Home > Yo Mamma Jokes > Yo Mamma is So Big

Yo Mamma Is So Big...

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  • Yo mama's so big, her belly button's got an echo.
  • Yo mama's so big, she can't wear an X jacket cause helicopters kept landing on her back.
  • Yo mama's so big, she rollerskates on busses.
  • Yo mama's so big, she thought Barnum & Bailey were clothing designers.
  • Yo mama's so big, she uses a jungle gym for a walker.
  • Yo mama's so big, she uses bowling balls for earrings.
  • Yo mama's so big, she uses the interstate for a Slip `n Slide.
  • Yo mama's so big, she whistles bass.
  • Yo mama's so big, that she climbed Mt. Fuji with one step.
  • Yo mama's so big, that they had to change "One size fit's all" to "One size fits most"
  • Yo mama's so big, they had to paint a stripe down her back to see if she was walking or rolling.
  • Yo mama's so big, when I fingered her I lost a watch and two rings!
  • Yo mama's so big, when she bent down to tie her shoes, her face got burnt from re-entry.
  • Yo mama's so big, when she goes in the water at the beach she changes the tide.
  • Yo mama's so big, when she stands up the sun goes out.
  • Yo mama's so big, when she went to the airport and said she wanted to fly they stamped Goodyear on her and sent her out to the runway.
  • Yo mama's so big, when you climb on top of her your ears pop.

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