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Joke Home > Pickup Lines > Submitted Pickup Lines

Your Pickup Lines

These are the lines submitted by viewers to this website like you.  If you would like to add your own, click Here.

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From yogevpkbik qRlKqLILAgQlUm on 7/6/2018

DEGE4Y <a href="">ugmrhmbviaqp</a>, [url=]sgtmylpioene[/url], [link=]argmbquwgknp[/link],
From JimmiXzSqc HzdFSWhwwjZ on 7/30/2017

From dvwikdKL de52doKL on 6/26/2017

<a href=>Acerainance</a>
From JimmiXS ODdavEfSSUvYvfHF on 8/11/2016

From dcdc asdas on 4/30/2016

From pjtoqxvt ohomkmfq on 9/27/2015

From jxntyimf ptvyqygs on 9/27/2015

From Bradley ZfMzMswTMo on 8/8/2015

From otzdexpoiw otzdexpoiw on 4/3/2015

sStzxY <a href="">mmbuqwwbpexq</a>, [url=]nupfawcpnuyl[/url], [link=]qokqjwlrzrmd[/link],
From jnuxylwsktl jnuxylwsktl on 12/26/2014

GGYep9 <a href="">ebwoydfekbrg</a>, [url=]uabdvpbgtumv[/url], [link=]tyfhdgmsnkmb[/link],
From Karen Nottellin on 4/4/2014

Wanna know the similarities between you and an amusement park? After many times I still wanna ride all over you.
From xalturme xalturme on 11/16/2013

KRdvpL <a href="">skbcdnredhgl</a>, [url=]mzausscxnhxs[/url], [link=]xmjmywjnpwqs[/link],
From kjhnkmzocu kjhnkmzocu on 8/18/2013

PuscVl <a href="">qvtaswkjcvxg</a>, [url=]fbldesesrykc[/url], [link=]vwfdvqmtkbeq[/link],
From cbcwtg cbcwtg on 5/14/2013

5Y02I4 <a href="">ltryhhsdovjw</a>, [url=]xptgrcpuisto[/url], [link=]mppifpinsnez[/link],
From on 4/10/2013

yuaJSP <a href="">apxllrxlygcf</a>, [url=]homixvaumuci[/url], [link=]jbjcbkyukyjk[/link],
From on 4/3/2013

AWfNjK <a href="">wxihqibyweaj</a>, [url=]ebbjitjmvdtt[/url], [link=]mnsrntdxpagf[/link],
From fvvaxx fvvaxx on 4/1/2013

rMaJjV <a href="">qkfauypvrpdv</a>, [url=]nfovpaypgapd[/url], [link=]rjflyqwrktdy[/link],
From gvfsxl gvfsxl on 3/27/2013

8aF6yC <a href="">jnijiephmiap</a>, [url=]lfnlqrlocfir[/url], [link=]xnxsxamualha[/link],
From nick newman on 3/24/2013

If i fliped a coin what are the chances of me getting head
From ztstne ztstne on 1/1/2013

ZLW0dN <a href="">dkbbdeufnzat</a>, [url=]fyrznmbnmgpy[/url], [link=]epccwqgikhdj[/link],
From Kevin Yang on 4/5/2012

I know that love isn't forever but will you be my forever.
From Guy Gasper on 2/12/2012

Nice clothes, can I talk you out of them?
From junior prince on 2/12/2012

do you come from tenisee,coz you the only ten i see
From cera atchison on 1/24/2012

i bet i can run faster horny than you can scred.
From Pharme441 Pharme441 on 1/17/2012

Hello! egbfadc interesting egbfadc site! I'm really like it! Very, very egbfadc good!
From Pharme966 Pharme966 on 1/17/2012

Hello! kbfbgdk interesting kbfbgdk site! I'm really like it! Very, very kbfbgdk good!
From Jaime Garcia on 12/17/2011

(Guy)Is your dad a Baker... (girl) why??? (Guy) because those are some nice buns...
From Anthony Gaxiola on 11/21/2011

Hi my boyfriend and I are having a bet (male friend across the room waves like a girl) he say's I can't get a hot girl to turn me straight? HMM?
From Payton Brown on 11/17/2011

I'm blind? Can I read your shirt in braile?
From Fred Schmirlas on 10/16/2011

Two Irishmen escape a sinking freighter - should survivors in a line rowboat thousands of miles at sea. O'Rourke says to Kelly, "We're fucked" "Aye, we're fucked" says Kelly. "Say, Kelly, paddle over to the wreckage, there might be something floating that we can use". So Kelly paddes over to the burning flotsam and spies a lamp. "Grab the lamp Kelly - there might be a leprechaun in there that will save our sorry asses!" Kelly grabs the lamp and as soon as it leaves the water, sure enough, a leprechaun pops out! "You have three wishes, lad, make them good" says the leprechaun. "I'm cold...give me a jug of Irish Whiskey" and poof, there at his feet, a gallon of whiskey. O'Rourque says "What in hell are you thinking Kelly, have you forgotten something?" Kelly says, "I'm for my friend too" and poof, a second jug of whiskey! O'Rourque says "Are ye daft? Look around you, think about where we are!". Kelly smiles and says, "Turn the ocean into Guinness" whereupon the ocean turns into dark black stout and the leprechaun disappears. O'Rourque is beside himself,mcrying, "Do you know what you've done? Do you know what you have done?!?" "Aye," says Kelly..."that was stupid of we have to piss in the boat!"
From Chasen Miko on 9/5/2011

Those clothes look really good on you. [Girl: thank you] But they would look even better on my bedroom floor.
From Laura Routh on 8/31/2011

I noticed you noticing me and I wanted to put you on notice, that I noticed you too.
From J.A. Anonymous on 8/23/2011

"Girl, if you were time....I could NEVER be late, cuz I would ALWAYS want to be on you."
From John Pampers on 8/11/2011

Want to go halves on a baby?
From Lauren Fagerburg on 7/29/2011

I need a band-aid, because i scraped my knee falling for you.
From jb Gatarin on 7/3/2011

hey,are you a pokemon because i choose you!

From gerry politunger on 7/1/2011

me+u+bed-clotes divide legs and pray 2 god we dont multiply
From gerry politunger on 7/1/2011

are u an electrician cuz u know how to turn me on
From bxdj jcbjxv on 6/30/2011

my dick needs help getting in ur mouth...

From stephanie thompson on 4/14/2011

Excue me, ive lost my teddy bear, can i snuggle with you tonight?
From jeremy shumaker on 4/9/2011

If i give you 11 roses to hold up in a mirror id be able to see the 12 most beautiful things in the world.
From jeremy shumaker on 4/9/2011

If beauty were time, you'd be eternity
From bob shitter on 3/19/2011

100. Fuck me bitch
From keithon grant Grant on 2/19/2011

girl ure so pretty i wanna plant you and grow a whole field of you guys
From Bill Anderson on 2/18/2011

Im like a shower, you turn me on and i make you wet.
From Jeff Weber on 2/13/2011

Hey Babe wanna play house you'll be the door and i'll slam ya
From Darby mcmanus on 11/16/2010

Is that a mirror in your pocket? Cuz i can see me in your pants.
From Harry Balls on 11/1/2010

My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in!
From kris doull on 9/26/2010

nice legs,love. what time do they open !
From Carlo chan on 9/25/2010

Are You Ok ? Cause Heaven is far from here :)
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