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Joke Home > Insults > 1 more bitch i hate

1 more bitch i hate

Total Views: 11,105 Last Updated: 12/23/2007 Number Votes: 57 | Average: 0.19

Gwench is such a fucking stuck up retarded whorebag fucked up ugly ass bitch. If that cunt steals my money again Iíll fucking blacken that hookerís eye and sheís lucky I wonít sue her ass because sheís worth less than the dirt on my shoe, and all the weed in my pocket is still worth more than her run-down trailer full of rats and guysís clothing. That hooker Gwench complains that she needs money, but itís her own fault her sugardaddies stopped paying child support because she kept spending the money on crack and trashy clothing. The fucking slut Gwen doesnít know how to live, and itís only a matter of time before she gets her ass gang-raped by my niggas, cuz Gwen is such a racist redneck trailer trash anorexic crackwhore who fondles students in the bathroom for petty change. She always tells the non-whore people who hate her to look at things from her point of view, but I canít do that because my head wonít fit that far up my ass. GWEN IS A FUCKING RETARDED WHOREBAG HOOKER WORTHLESS PIECE OF SHIT WHO GETS RAPED BY PIMPS ON A DAILY BASIS AND IS GONNA GET KICKED THE FUCK OUT OF SCHOOL FOR SOLICITING ON CAMPUS AND SPREADING AIDS TO ALL THE LOSERS SHE FUCKS, which is everyone in town except for me and my homie T-Mac cuz we ainít gonna touch that whore, nobody knows how many crackparties she was passed around at. A lad in sight range had the right change for a dazed glimpse of her grazed tits, then he prates shit about an AIDS rinse and takes back his eight cents. I canít think of anything else I hate about that cum guzzling piece of waste, except that she doesnít deserve to breathe and her slutty body should get trampled by lawn mowers and her face mauled with a hacksaw by the gangsters who are pissed they got aids from raping that slut, that would really make my day.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Insults > Joke 6 of 238 in the Insults category.
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