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Joke Home > Insults > 1 Bitch

1 Bitch

Total Views: 25,298 Last Updated: 3/7/2005 Number Votes: 220 | Average: 1.36

Ashley Gibson is a fucking dumbass slutty skankwad retarded Arab fuckface. That stupid bitch thinks she's all that, but if she was all that, why the fuck would every damn kid be beating the fuck out of that bitch on a daily basis. Stupid creepy pervert Ashley grabs boys' asses and thinks she's pretty when she's actually quite ugly from all that ass kicking she's endured all her life. She's stupid and a fucking whorebag and I curse her demented grandmother to hell. Ashley's stupid and she lives in a fucking group home and they're about to kick that slut out because she's been stealing too much of their stuff because she can't even afford a free sample. She's just mad because even her imaginary friends are beating the shit out of her. That stupid homeless street punkish trailor trash fat ass dirty fecal feliac. She never fucking changes her clothes or takes a shower, that bitch has been wearing the same raggedy stained red shirt and oily pants for the past six years. I fucking hate that dumb bitch, her mom sells her body on the street for fifty cents, her grandma too. All three of them are kinda like NetZero, easy connection, full access, and only $9.95 a month. I can't think of a single person in the universe who respects that ass spelunker. I curse that bitch to hell, but it still wouldn't help because I'd be able to smell her sweaty armpits all the way up here. That retarded slut has no idea her life will turn out to be horrible and painful for her retarded ass. Painful is good, if I could get a hold of a good enough saw, I'd saw that bitch's arms and legs off and then videotape it and laugh while she cries in pain. Her mom walks on her hands and knees going to church, her mom woulld fuck a squirrel for a walnut. I seriously hate her and she deserves to have a grenade shoved through all 2,000 miles of her fat ass. When it explodes, we'll literally see some serious shit while Ashley screams and her fucking demented spirit flies to hell because that's just what she is, a stupid retarded fucking hobo Chinese Nigerian Arab shit infested crap hole lemon nosed fart knocking crap maker panty waste piece of bullshit crybaby sack of dog shit trailer trash street punk dumbass fuckface I HATE THAT FUCKING BITCH AND SHE DESERVES TO DIE!!!!!!! I'll fucking slam my thick ass shoe onto her puny head while I laugh at her misery. Her retarded ass can only marry in the family and her fuck ass dad can't afford a ho, but even if he could, his whole family would use her, even Ashley's fuck ass sister. I'll fucking shove a bullet through her fucking head, that stupid child molesting slut. She fucking tried to rape 8-year old Isaac, 7-year old Isaiah, and 8-year old Joey. I just want that bitch to be shoved into a pit full of burning dreams while Hitler and Osama Bin Laden make fun of how much people hate her. That bitch smells like rotting garbage and if you're drivin along and something mysterious smells like shit, it's probably that bitch Ashley Gibson, she sucks and she's worth less than an expired coupon and I think someone should shove a broken broom up her ass. And I'm so glad my uncle didn't have the right change, because if he did, dumb Ashley would be my cousin. She is a stupid illegitamite slut fucking whorebag she needs to get her ass kicked because if someone doesn' do it soon, I'll have to hit that bitch in the face with a sack of elephant shit because Ashley is such a crybaby dumb pervert, slut faced retarded Libyan deserves to die, that bitch smells like shit and her smelly ass stinks like rotting garbage and I fucking smell her one more time, I'll die of toxic inhalation, because that bitch doesn't take a shower and everyone knows she don't wear deoderant because she's such a slutty retarded Arab fuckface and her mom burned four rubbers in one day (and I don't mean tires). Ashley's family abandoned her and her miserable drunken life isn't worth living and she needs to commit suicide because that would make thousands of people happy if that bitch was gone and they don't have to go outside fearing that her smelly old breath will blind them. That bitch's breath smells so bad, when she sneezes, her teeth duck cuz they don't want that methane to get to them because Ashley rapes so many dogs I lost count. She rapes donkeys too because Ashley smells like rotting fish oil dried in rat shit and I ain't lying. I've smelled rat shit and that bitch smells just like it when she gets her ass kicked, starts masturbating, and doesn't wash her hands. I FUCKING HATE THAT RETARDED ASS BITCH. When she stuck her face out the car window, she got arrested for indecent exposure. I hate her because that bitch deserves to die and her ugly ass chimpanzee boyfriend kicked that bitch on the streets and got arrested for littering. I hate Ashley and she needs to fucking leave the world and never cause problems again. She needs to fucking get her ass kicked more often and suffer in a pit of venomous snakes while she cries in pain and everyone laughs. I need to kick her ass and all the people worldwide need to fucking know that Ashley Gibson is a worthless sack of dog crap and she is a horrible child molester and I hate her and everyone I know hates her, yet that bitch always gets what she wants . THAT BITCH NEEDS TO GET RAN OVER BY A MERCEDES AND REPEATEDLY FLATTENED I HATE ASHLEY GIBSON and if she could read, I'd tell her to read this so she can cry and I can laugh and all 56,203 of her enemies can laugh too. Ashley Gibson lives in a group home, she steals from them every day, and I don't even know if they know she does that. her demented spirit needs to go to hell while the devil stabs her with a pitchfork and Ragu pours out becuase that's all that fat ass bitch can get her hands on. SHE NEEDS TO DIE!!! Shitty ass mother fucking bitch I'll fucking fuck her shitty torn clothes up mother fucking bitch I'll fucking whip her ass all over god's green earth, and if she keeps her shit up, I'll fucking pop her upside her shitty ass water melon head mother fucker. PS, Ashley deserves to be shoved up an elephant's asshole while she looks back at her miserable crappy drunken life and slowly goes blind from self abuse. Bitch slut retarded fuckface trash digging poor ass mother fuck dumb bad fucker

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Insults > Joke 3 of 238 in the Insults category.
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