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Joke Home > Other Jokes > * Snoop Dogg Translated *

* Snoop Dogg Translated *

Total Views: 12,108 Last Updated: 3/30/2005 Number Votes: 59 | Average: 0.29

This is what it comes out as if u translate Snoop Dogg lyrics and then translate them back to English <BR>  I never shit in my niggas that I roll with them niggas that is them to throw they cause I representative the dead person from bad neighborhood and the to live what up Dogg We the better man from LA one than it did, the expenses that spend Large faces the explosive rifles while Medical Dre. rhymes was the arrival of dunns IM3 by the way of the mark  what you wanna Chooses the fifth one or obtains punctured with the fifth rifle of the shot at any rate you did not obtain the end, I represent Medical Dre The largest bad neighborhood in the world, there are too many of us we Are too easy to obtain the Caught touched you in an exposition takes its 'dro takes its Caught of ice you in the  island while you rocking in the comets of mic Senting of the down the hood the south that nigga of the head bad neighborhood to the mouth that The violated in the  streets Fronted the beef wanted of the alley Now is a wraps, enough Duke it up the cluster We the mobb We THE ain' T not gang but they strike up the niggas  prostitute Besides strikes I burn up the niggas My crap of ox, my lamb cuts the choice of Ice its intestines never gon' (na) for to its men are the clock of gonna  Freed the performance in the block invests Meanwhile in stones purchase and sells actions One Two is daddy to the eyes in the neck Its jewels large extra want  stretches I will show him my Devils of force they obtain its check in the first one be gone by the second the third that come in seconds stolen to beg of crap I ain'  gon T' it places for a second one Ain' gon T' the wait for a second If is any beef can obtain him One Two is not forgot it sex I am friend with Knitty, GO & niggas  of some dead persons of criminal

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Other Jokes > Joke 8 of 365 in the Other Jokes category.
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