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Joke Home > Other Jokes > 19 Fun things to do on the internet

19 Fun things to do on the internet

Total Views: 11,663 Last Updated: 7/27/2005 Number Votes: 68 | Average: 0.19

Get people's e-mail addresses from random websites and send them a bunch of junk mail, trying to sell them stuff from other websites, see if they get pissed off            Sign into a chatroom with two different user names and get into a heated conversation using every funny insult you can think of, see other users' reactions            Go to a totally unrelated ezboard topic and post a list of guitar sales prices, see how people respond            Send someone an instant message with a bunch of characters like @^ and type virus infected to see if they get scared the fuck out of            Hack into a children's website and edit the webpage with pornography                  Go into a Korean War Veteran chat room and start making up a bunch of war stories              Send random people junk mail, trying to sell them something like SpamBlocker 2.0 or something              Go into a chatroom and start repeating everything people type until they notice, see if you can beat your record              Email a political descussion webpage a picture of George Bush edited with humorous facial additions            Hack into a random person's computer and replace their desktop image with a picture of the their icons, then move their icons to random folders so they get pissed off when they can't click on the pictures of their icons              Send someone junk mail, offering them information on how to get an internet account              Make up a chatroom language and see if other people follow along to avoid embarassment                Get a new e-mail address and IM some of your friends and start telling them stuff about themselves and pretend to be a stalker                    Hack into someone's email and put a bunch of random people on their buddy list.                    In a chatroom, constanty correct everyone's spelling and grammar, see if they start typing with poorer spelling just to annoy you, if they curse at you, they'll probably type faster and make mistakes, correct their mistakes without cussing back at them                  Hack into someone's e-mail and change their name to Fuck You, so that when they send messages to other people, it'll say From: "Fuck You"                    Alternate each phrase you type in a chat room with English and another language of your choice                    Put someone's e-mail address on a porn subscribtion and tell them to e-mail their opinion to your e-mail address                Hack into an internet game folder and edit the documents so you can make the game offensive.

Thanks to Willie Schertz for this joke. 

Other Jokes > Joke 14 of 365 in the Other Jokes category.
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