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Joke Home > Other Jokes > 10 Fruits

10 Fruits

Total Views: 10,933 Last Updated: 2/4/2006 Number Votes: 72 | Average: 0.28

There were 3 adventurers. All of them heard of a magical forest that once you go in, you can never get out. Of course they were interested so they decided to go. First they all entered the forest and enjoyed their first few days in the forest. But as time went on, they started to get sick of the forest and hungry as well. As the days passed, they started to lose consciousness because of starvation. Soon after they all fainted, but they were very lucky for the magical tribe that knows the exit to the jungle found them. As you know, all magical tribes live isolated from other places so they had to kill outsiders. The 3 men didnft want to die so they begged for their lives so much, the tribe leader gave them a task. If the task was completed, they were free to go. If the task in not done they will die. The task was to go to the forest and collect 10 of the same fruit. All went together but as time passed, they split up. 1 guy found 10 apples and he returned. Then the tribe leader said, gStick those apples up your butt without any emotions coming up on your face.h As you all know, sticking objects the size of your but isnft pleasant and itfs not only 1 but 10. So the first man started to stick his apples up his but he couldnft bear the pain so he winced and got killed. The second man came back with 10 blueberries. This man was given the same task. He started putting the grape fruit up his butt and was all the way up to 8 but all of a sudden he started laughing. He was killed right after of course. The 1st man and the 2nd man met up in heaven and started a conversation, gWhy did you laugh? You were so close.h The second man answered. gI couldnft help it. I saw the 3rd guy coming with ten pineapples.h

Thanks to sam takam for this joke. 

Other Jokes > Joke 12 of 365 in the Other Jokes category.
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