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Drinking Games > Bullwinkle


Total Views: 5,835

Last Updated: 10/12/2004

Number Votes: 212 | Average: 0.02


The game can be played with 4 or more people sitting around a table. The more people, the more fun! Each person needs a drink (and refills). U can use any kind of mixed drink, beer, wine... whatever you want. Shots are NOT so good for this game unless you can REALLY hold your liquor. There are 11 rules to this game, but if you learn them and teach them to your friends, i PROMISE you will all have fun! I KNOW this is LONG, but this game is well worth the time to learn!


OK…Spread a deck of cards out in a big messy pile on the table (exclude the jokers). You start with one person drawing ANY card out of the pile. Then it goes in a clockwise direction. Here are the rules:

*Red 2 thru 5-> “Take” depending on the # card u draw you must take that many sips (ie Red 2=2 sips)

*Black 2 thru 5-> “Give” depending on the # card u draw you must "give away" the # of sips (ie. say Johnny draws a black 3, he can give all 3 sips to Suzie, or he can spread them out and give 2 to Suzie & 1 to Billy, or 1 to Suzie, 1 to Billy and 1 to Tom)

*6 card-> “Category” whoever draws the 6 picks a catagory. Say he says CARS, he/she must name a car, such as F150. The person to the left of must now name a car. It keeps goin around the circle until sum 1 cant name a car. That person must drink.(some of our fav. catagories- cars, icecream flavors, beer brands, cig brands, sex positions, sports teams)

*7 card-> “Lucky” When a 7 is drawn everyone must yell "LUCKY!" The last person to yell "lucky" must drink.

*8 card-> “Bullwinkle” When an 8 is drawn, everyone must put their hands to their heads, as if they have antlers and yell "BULLWINKLE!" (hence the game's name-BULLWINKLE-as in the moose)
The last person to yell it must drink.

*9 card-> “Rhyme” whoever draws the 9 says a word. The person to the left must rhyme with the word. it keeps going around until sum 1 cant rhyme. that person must drink. (hint:if u are the one that draws the 9 and u dont like the person to ur left, or if u just wanna get 'em really drunk, u can use wordslike "orange",
"binoculars", or "rhinoceros"--NOTHING rhymes with those words)

*10 card-> “Left and right” the person on your left and the person on your right must BOTH drink. The one draws the card does not have to drink.

*Jack-> “Rule” whoever draws the jack must make up a rule. Whatever rule that person makes up remains until another Jack is drawn, and another rule is made. The rule can be ANYTHING! My friend Matt even once made a rule that each person HAD to say “Matt is the greatest” b4 every drink, or we had to drink again and again until we said it.
some of my favs:
1-imaginary little man who sits on ur drink:u must take him off b4 u drink & put him back on after u drink-if u dont, u drink again & again until u do ur little man;
2-thumb rule-whoever draws the J and decides on the thumb rule should place thumb on edge of table. The last person to notice and put their thumb on the edge has to drink;
3-NO ONE can say "Drink","Drank" or "Drunk" or they must FINISH their drink
4-NO ONE can cuss or they must finish their drink.
5-Pick ANY word, and every time sum 1 says that word, they must drink.

*Queen-> “Question” whoever draws the Q must start out asking a question. ANY RANDOM QUESTION! When u r asking a question u must NOT ask the person on ur right or left. It must be somewhere across the table. When u are ASKED a question u must NOT ANSWER the question. You have to look directly @ sum 1 else and ask THEM a question. If u answer, laugh, ask to the R or L, ask the person that asked u, then u must drink! (try to make ppl laugh or answer you by asking questions like “are you gay?” “How big is your penis?” or “How old are you?”) Confusing? Read CAREFULLY and ull get it. Draw it if you have to. Its worth it!

10. Ace->Whoever draws an Ace proposes a toast. Everyone toasts and drinks.

11. King-> When a king is drawn, set it aside. Whoever draws the LAST KING must FINISH THEIR DRINK, and the game is over.

Thanks to S Hicks for this game.  

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