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Drinking Games > 3 Man

3 Man

Total Views: 5,631

Last Updated: 5/12/2004

Number Votes: 160 | Average: 0.15


There are other versions of this game already listed, but this one is better.


3 Man

usually 4 or more players; requires a pair of dice and a rolling surface.

Prior to beginning a 3 man needs to be selected; arbitary convention or some other traditional means works I'm sure everyone has their own ways. Start rolling with the player to the left of the 3 man. Dice combinations equate as follows:

- anytime a 3 is rolled: 3 man drinks
- 1 and 2 (3 the hard way): 3 man rolls the dice and drinks that many
- 1 and 4 : all players place their thumb on the edge of the table, last person drinks
- 1 and 5 : all players grab their ear lobe, last to do so drinks
- 1 and 6 : all players touch their nose, again the last person drinks
- any combo that equals 7 (including 1 and 6) : the person ahead of the roller drinks
- any combo that equals 11 : the person behind the roller drinks
- any combo that equals 10 : social, everyone drinks
- any form of doubles: the roller passes the dice out either to one player or two (see following for scenarios);

scenario #1: if the dice are passed to one person, he rolls and drinks what he rolls, unless however he rolls doubles and then the original roller is now in his shoes(roll doubles or drink what he rolls). After someone has to drink the original roller continues to roll.

scenario #2: If two people each get passed one die, they each roll; If they roll the same thing then the original roller gets it turned around on him (roll doubles or drink what he rolls). Otherwise, The roller of the lower die value drinks the number on the high die (low roll drinks high roll). Resume rolling with original roller.

Roll passes whenever none of the listed combinations is rolled.

3 man gets out of being 3 man in one of three ways: if he can roll a three on his turn (the honor of 3 man is passed to person of choice), if a new player joins in (in which case they are 3 man), or if someone leaves to use the restroom (they become 3 man).

optional rules:
Sloppy Dice - drink if you roll off the table or lose a die.
Spilled Drink - chug your drink and whatever is left of the spilled one (if any).

Thanks to k m for this game.  

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