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Drinking Games > Box Head

Box Head

Total Views: 6,875

Last Updated: 10/27/2003

Number Votes: 145 | Average: 0.34


Beer, Something for 1 shooter glass, 1 shooter glass, a box(as in an empty case) 2 dice,


You start off with at least 4 players. Doesnt matter who goes first. K this is a game where u need rules for every number you can roll on the dice. How I usually play is.. 2=take a shot,11/12=if you roll this you put the box on your head. Every time the dice have been rolled you have to take a drink. If the box falls off your head you drink your whole drink. Cant hold box or you drink. NO ONE else can touch the box or they get the box. If player with the box rolls 11/12 they get to choose who gets the box next. For the inbetween numbers i didnt fill in you can make your own rules as in.. right= person to the right drinks, left= person to the left. drink 3/ drink 5. You cant go to the bathroom unless you roll the number first, if you go without the number you drink(try and hold it, it wrecks the game)You can also play as teams, You roll a certain number like 6 the other team drinks. Everyone drinks on doubles, so person with the box takes 2 because they gotta drink every roll plus that. More rules: Give 3 or Give 5. you wanna play strip box head go for it, just make sure before you start the game that you have filled in all the numbers with rules, and that you have a shooter in the middle of the table, a box, and dice. This game gets you really hammered, especially if you always have the box. lots of laughs. Have fun.

Thanks to kiel ching for this game.  

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