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Drinking Games > duno wat its called but its mint!!!lol!

duno wat its called but its mint!!!lol!

Total Views: 3,200

Last Updated: 4/16/2006

Number Votes: 174 | Average: 0.03


this game is mint!!lol!n u'll get really pissed!xxx(btw a finger is when u place ur fingers at the top of where the drink is and drink down to the next finger)however u cud jus do sips!!!


ucan play with as many people as u want!i think the more the better!depending on how many of you there is and how long u want the game to go on 4 u can use 1 or more sets of cards! u put all the cards into the middle faced down!n take it in turns to pick one! u then do as follows::::
if u get a....
ace/2/3/4-then u can drink that many fingers/sips +/or nominate other people to take that many or sum of those sips!(i.e. if u picked a 4 u cud nominate sum1 to drink one sip and u have the other 3)
5-all have to bang the table/floor as quick as u can! the last one to do this has to down theyre drink!
6-nominate someone to down theyre drink
7-toilet pass (may not be very usefull at the beginin of the game but as it goes on you'l be supprised what people will do for this card!(you can make the person that wants it do anything)lol!
8/9- i have never. u say sumthing that you think someone around you has done wich will embarace them, if you or any1 else has done it they have to stand up and down theyre drink!(i.e. i have never had sex with my nextdoor neighbour ect.)
10-make up your own rule(can be anyting you want i.e evrrytime a 5 cums up every1 has to make a noise like an animal ect.)
jack-all boys hav to down theyre drinks
queen- all girls have to down theyre drinks
king-(nothing)once all kings are out the game ends and u start agen (all previous made up rules are cancelled)!!!
you will be very drunk by this time lol!!! have fun!
(it may sound confusing but its easy once u get the hang of it)!!!

Thanks to sarah thompson for this game.  Visit their website at

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