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Fuzzy Duck

One of those fun tongue twister type games. This game, as with most drinking games is more fun if you have a lot of people to play it. Apparently this game is quite popular since a lot of people have been submitting it to me.


The group of people sit in a circle, preferably around a table. One person starts the game by saying "Fuzzy Duck". The person to the left follows by either saying "Fuzzy Duck" again or saying "Does he?" If someone says "Does he?" the direction of the game changes and the person to the right must say "Ducky Fuzz". If someone says "Does he?" then the direction changes again and you go back to saying "Fuzzy Duck". This continues until someone screws up. That person must drink. The point of the game is to say it very fast. Any pause will also cause a person to have to drink.

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