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You start off by choosing a dealer. Preferably someone who is not drinking. but if they are theyt have to guess before they look.
You need a deck of cards and lots of beer.


Everyone sits in a circle
The dealer asks a seies of questions to each person starting with the person to left and going around and ending with himself or the one to the right. If you guess it right you give that many drinks, but if it's wrong you take that many.
Aces=14 Kings=13, Queens=12, Jacks=11 and everything else = face value
And everyone gets the card
(This is to make a hand for the end of the game)
First you ask "red or black"
(After each question you flip the card on the top of the deck to see if their right or wrong)
Then you go around and ask everyone "High or low" (Talking about the card they already have, all the rules play from the cards in your hand)
Next question "outside or in between" (You should already have two cards and this will be the third.)
Then every one guesses the suit of the card
Then"odd or even" but this one is special if a K Q J or A you give them the card and they have to guess on a new one and they this card too
Then you Lay 6-8 rows of two down the middle of the table with a stack af three on either side THE SECOND CARD IN THE STACKS ARE DOUBLE AND THE THIRD ARE TRIPLES.
Pass the remaining cards out evenly
if they don't pass out evenly put the rest off to the side or make more rows
Then flip the cards one at a time and before you flip one you ask the person to your left "give or take" for the next card the person to their left and so on till the first row is flipped then you do the stack
Then start on the next row then the stack asking everyone in order "give or take"
If someone says "take" and you have it in your hand you take that many drinks
But if they say "give" and you have it you give that many drinks

Thanks to Samie Lucas for this game.  

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