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Looking to Pass the Time a Little Bit? Try these Great Games.

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  File Date Created # Hits  
Alien Attack
Fight off the enemy while not shooting your own ship.
10/17/2002 2,544  
Bin Laden Liquors
Take your shot at Osama in this great game. You play a gun-toting hero who drinks a slushy while you blow the crap out of Osama.
10/17/2002 7,675  
Boom Boom Volleyball
Volleyball with a twist - instead of a volleyball - you play with bombs. Extremely fun - please check it out.
10/17/2002 5,588  
Britney Brawl
Play as Bill Clinton or Britney Spears in this hilarious wrestling game.
10/17/2002 20,776  
A great remake of an old-time classic, this game plays like the PacMan you remember.
10/17/2002 2,148  
Galactic Warrior
Fly through space and blow the crap out of spaceships all around you.
10/17/2002 1,917  
Mini Putt Golf
A great mini-golf game that has made it's way around the net, but is still a great game.
10/17/2002 4,168  
Samurai Warrior
Choose your fighter and his opponent and battle it out Samurai Style.
10/17/2002 2,543  
Tennis With Anna
Play a little tennis with the hottest piece in the game - Anna Kournikova.
10/17/2002 17,868  
The classic game we've all wasted hours on brought to you by
10/17/2002 2,470  

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